This question of identity carries with it an idea of characteristics more than character. I am much more than what I do and at times I never take the time to wonder why I do what I do. I have certain proclivities for things based upon an intrinsic desire to see people become what God has called them to be.

I am engrossed and engaged in the process of helping people figure out life for them. I enjoy the questions, answers and discovery of purpose and the fulfillment that it brings. I use the tool of education to achieve this end. What about you?

True purpose is much bigger than what you are named.Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet, "A name by any other name would smell as sweet." In other words it matters more what something is. There is nothing magical in a name. A name is a tag and a tag does not define but describes. I bought a new bed and it had a red tag that gave a description of the price. I further read the description of the bed and its abilities along with its name. But my sons did not sleep on the name nor were they disturbed because of the price tag. They may be impacted by its ablities but its concept was bigger than that. The bed was bigger than its tag and served a more purposeful service based upon its design not its tag. When God changes Jacob’s name from “Jacob” to “Israel” it was to give him a better description of who he was and what he was not. But his purpose was bigger than his name.

It is much bigger than what you do. You can perform certain tasks based upon ability but have no passion for them. I had the task of putting up my flat screen. It was a daunting process for me. After the first try of hanging it failed, I wisely realized that I probably should have used a stud finder. After my failed first try, I went out to get a stud finder and a drill. Needless to say that when I used the proper utensils I was able to securely place the t.v. on the wall. Even though there was a satisfaction of completing the task I did not have any passion for it. I knew how to do this because I watched it done before. I have no passion to be a carpenter or put televisions on walls I did it because I had to. Just because you can do something doesn't mean it brings you fullfilment.

It is bigger than where you live. Habitation and environment can cultivate it and maybe even nurture it but it does not define who you are. No one, to my knowledge, can look at the soil and determine a flower or tree. You look at the flower or tree itself, the seed or the picture on the bag the seed came in. Now this has all kinds ofpreachable and teachable implications but suffice it to say that its much more than its environment. Even though the soil and environment is important to the plants survival it does not classify or define it.

It is bigger than relationships. Let’s all face it we have met and interacted with some bad people in our lives. I may have been influenced in some way by them but while I was with them, my purpose was present and bigger than those relationships. These interactions may have distorted my self image but it did not erase God's design. Relationships and connections may inform and enforce certain views and propensities that you may have but still pales in comparison to your purpose. It may be a sign but doesn’t have to be a destination.

God’s mission statement and purpose for my life is the bigger picture of who I am whereby my experiences, connections, name and characteristics are potential complimentary accessories. They are important but not as important as why I was placed here on this earth. When I am doing what I was born to do I find passion and a zest for living and not just existing. All things are working for my good of glorifying Him and living a full life.

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