We live life stuck in mental self images of ourselves based upon past experiences. It becomes hard to see ourselves developing in stages rather than fully developed. At times we forget that we are involved in processes and cycles that grow us and develop us in life. There are times that a mind change must happen to keep up with our life’s changes. Our inability to change our own self concepts can impede progress and cause for us to become irrelevant and stagnated.

When this happens we know it and can sense that there is something wrong. David had to change his self portrait from shepherd to messenger; from messenger to defender; from defender to musician; from musician to warrior; from warrior to general; from general to king; and finally from King to architect.  

These different shades of one person are a lifetime on display. We see these moments or snapshots of his life but if we were to drop into his life at any given time without prior knowledge of his life we would place David in a box not knowing that his purpose and lifetime carried many assignments. One assignment was not the whole assignment but it did prepare him for the next assignment. What a revelation to know that there is more required of my life than what has already been.

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