I went to the movies to see “The Theory of Everything”, a movie that depicts the life and theory of Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge Cosmologists. In this movie he makes a statement concerning time and tries to prove his theory of time being something that can me measured and therefore quantified. While moving into the story he was diagnosed with Lou Garrick’s Disease and the doctors gave him two years to live. I’m sure diagnosis was based upon the experience of past patients whose life was ended because of this dreaded disease. Well, Stephen Hawking is 72 now and was diagnosed at the age of 21. In the movie when the doctor told him what was wrong with him he retorted, “What about my brain!” This statement struck me because out of all the things he would lose because of his disease he didn’t want to lose his mind – thoughts will, emotions, skill. He went on to write a book entitled “A Brief History of Time” which has been republished because of its robust thinking on the matter of time. But I subscribe to the Hebrew understanding of time that life is connected to time and time is life. Time is not what you have it is what you do. Stephen Hawking lives today because he had something to do.

Do you find yourself making these statements: “Time stands still; time flies. Time drags on. Where did the time go? I just need a little more time! We had a great time! If only I had the time.” If you do, let me recalibrate your thinking about time.

Time is not just a medium by which life is lived. Time is the life that you live. It should not be wasted but invested. Time is connected to function and productivity in a goal. It cannot be regained but it can be enhanced. It cannot be found but must be used. It cannot be lost but can be wasted because time is connected to purpose lived and not life lived. If there is a moment that was lived with respect to what you did then you utilized time and invested it into something. Rather you know it or not you put time, effort and energy into who you are, or are not. Yes that’s right if you say that you have not accomplished anything you invested your time in and you saw no return you may be frustrated with life, or time. Or maybe you did not invest it into something that appreciates rather than depreciates.

I could say more about the topic but let me cut this already long blog short by saying in 2015 invest your time into more things that will appreciate your time and give you back something for your time. Start connecting your life to the time that you have and allocate every minute towards finding, fulfilling and living out your purpose. Feed your purpose with the time you give it. Don’t give it to something or someone that will not give something back to you now or later. What you invest your time in will pay off. It may not be now but eventually it will. Investments take time to accrue interest. So let your time be used on purpose. If you love, love on purpose. If you work, work on purpose. If you have a relationship, relate on purpose. If you parent, parent with purpose. If you play, play with purpose. If you communicate, communicate on purpose.

Let God be the standard of your time so that you will not waste one minute. Remember, as long as you have your brain you have a chance to live a life filled with purpose. Treat your time like money, don’t throw it away but budget, invest and spend it wisely!

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